The Speaker

"Justice Mitchell, professional blogger and award-winning Interactive & Social Media Creative Director, wants to educate, communicate and socialize with you. Justice also does intimate, closed, consulting/ideate sessions with your company, audience or agencies in order to tackle unique situations and creative concepting programs. He doesn't look at speaking in a traditional sense and offers more engagement with audiences and clients alike, allowing them not only to be educated from a 'blue sky' level, but to dive directly into problem/solution as well. Making his speaking sessions more robust, thought-provoking and ultimately more actionable."

- Justice Mitchell, speaking on behalf of Justice Mitchell speaking.

I don't want to see someone speak anymore than you do if I can't get something from it that I can take an apply to my business or passions. The time for gurus and experts is gone or pretentiously fabricated. The time for speakers to act as educated communicators and conversation architects is the only thing worthy of listening to. I don't want to waste your time convincing you that I'm the master of all things, I'm not. But I'm an abstract thinker that likes to work with people to make connections that lead to successful outcomes.

Do I speak? Yes, indeed I do. If you ask my wife, more so than she can stand, but I do speak professionally on a great number of topics that I have pre-formatted, or I can custom tailor a speaking engagement within a topic if I feel it is relevant to my skill-set and expertise.

My speaking style is energetic, humorous and interactive. I adapt to the nature of the discussion and can work independently, as a keynote or on a panel with the same intensity, though the visual portion of my engagement may differ dependent upon the request.

What they say:

“You added a terrific tone to our convention with your keynote! It was witty, insightful and educational – and you presented the material professionally and approachably. I would personally recommend you to anyone, as I know your knowledge is very current, and your style refreshing – a great fit anywhere!” – Teresa M Young, President/CEO, Sign Biz

"Participants continue to praise the Social Media Session as one of the most informative segments of the program. Your presentation was exceptionally well received and we appreciate you taking time to support the work of this organization. We look forward to your continued participation with the SFHHA and your presence at future events!" - Linda S. Quick, President, SFHHA

Speaking Topics:

  • Social Media
  • Personal Branding
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Trends & Cool Hunting
  • Blogging & Storytelling
  • The New Advertising Agency
  • The Non-Starving Artist
  • Creating Social Fabric

Speaking Experience:

  • The PRSA
  • Wynn Resorts
  • Sign Biz International
  • eTips Webinar Series
  • University Of Central Florida
  • Phi Delta Theta Fraternity
  • Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Starmark International "eTips" presentation tour
  • South Florida Hospital & Health Care Association 
  • Alabama Department of Tourism
  • Panama City Beach CVB
  • Orange County, Orlando Florida
  • Chicago Tribune / Tribune Interactive

The best thing to do is to simply call me at 407-929-8918, that way we can discuss the needs of your particular situation. My fee is dependent upon the nature of the topic, length of time and the forum. Travel and lodging are respective to the amount of time and complexity of the presentation. I also speak pro-bono, given unique circumstances.